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Features to consider when looking for best folding survival knife

Thursday, June 21, 2018 4:43:09 AM America/Los_Angeles

Traditionally, folding blade knives aren’t considered as the best choice as a survival weapon. Well, this is primarily because of the joints or cleavage that makes them vulnerable to break and no one like to go for a survival expedition with a vulnerable weapon, right?

However, folding knives aren’t totally useless when it comes to outdoor adventures. They might not be the toughest of weapons you did like, still they offer plenty of functionality that makes them an intelligent choice to carry.

Perhaps, the best part about folding knives is the small size that makes them ideally suited to be carried anywhere in any environment. Folding knives are ideal EDC blades that give a notch added functionality and comfort cushion when out in the wild.

Now, the question is how to choose the best folding survival knife?

As we have said above, folding knives although might not be the first preference as a survival weapon, they offer an added safety cushion to your adventures. Below are some features that you should look, before you decide to buy a folding survival knife.

Compactness and Weight

The biggest strength of a folding blade knife lies in its size and weight. A folding knife is the ideal EDC tactical weapon you may carry at all times. It will be your go-to weapon to places where you may not like to carry your primary large fixed blade knife.

Apart from the compact size, the lightweight of a folding knife also gives it a tactical advantage of fixed blade knife. It might not be suited for batoning or slicing through any thick surface, however, it does offer you a tactical advantage at times when carrying a heavy weapon isn’t a choice.

Opening Mechanism

This is one thing that folding knives are famous for. Far from being seen as a survival or EDC weapon, folding knives have been a hotbed for knife enthusiasts who like to show their skills by rotating and spinning the knives.Image result for knife one hand opening mechanism

Now, coming to some serious aspects, the best folding survival knife should come with a robust and reliable opening mechanism. Perhaps, one hand opening mechanism like Fallkniven PCX Linerlock is a must for any folding knife to be termed as a tactical weapon. Fortunately, the industry has been able to pick up the importance of this mechanism fast enough and there are various patented one hand opening mechanisms that offer reliability and durability for folding blade knives.

locking mechanism

Image result for knife locking mechanism

well, the opening mechanism isn’t the only important thing to look at. The locking mechanism is equally essential for the tactical usefulness of a folding blade. Besides, you certainly don’t want an unreliable locking mechanism that actually hurt your hands at a time when you can afford an injury.


Quality Construction

Image result for quality folding knife

Quality construction is an important consideration when looking to choose the best folding survival knife. Quality is particularly more important for folding blades as they inherently come with a weakness (cleavage) as compared to fixed blades. Folding blades from the reputed brands like Gerber, SOG, or CRKT etc. come with high-quality construction material and processes which makes them hold their edges for a long time. Some quality features to look out in a folding blade knife include:

-    Screwed components (don’t go for a blade with glued components)

-    Razor-sharp blades that can easily be re-sharpen out in the wild

-    Easy opening mechanism

-    Reliable locking mechanism

-    Ergonomic design


0 Comments | Posted in Knives By rameez haq
0 Comments | Posted in Knives By rameez haq

3 highly recommended fixed blade skinning knives

Thursday, May 17, 2018 1:06:34 AM America/Los_Angeles

Choosing the right skinning knife might not be the easiest of choices to make. With hundreds of brands offering thousands of different varieties, it’s certainly tricky to choose one knife that serves all purposes. Before we look into some of the highly recommended fixed blade skinning knives, let’s just have an insight into characteristics of knife that makes it a real deal.

A fixed blade knife for skinning purposes should come with a razor-sharp blade that’s thin enough to go between skin and muscles, it should retain its edges considerably, the blade should be intelligently designed with a slight curve and also easy to sharp in outdoor conditions.

Quite a lot factors to consider, right?

Well, certainly when you are talking about best serving blades in outdoor conditions you need a reliable and versatile tool. Besides, you don’t want to be left in disarray at a time when you are out of the safety net of society.

So, let’s just cut short the details and jump straight to some great blades recommended by experts in the industry.

  1. Cold Steel Mini Tac Skinner Serrated Knife

This is one of the best and highly recommended blades out in the market. The short 3 3/8’’ blade makes it an extremely tactical weapon that’s convenient to carry and easy to hold. The knife comes with a secure and protected sheath, offering ease of carrying in all conditions. The design of the knife is made intelligently to be 100% ergonomic, which makes it easy and comfortable to hold for longer times. The G10 handle also free movement of the blade without any worry of getting caught up in different materials.

The blade of Cold Steel Mini Tac Skinner Serrated Knife is made of high-quality stainless steel that’s razor-sharp and ideally suited for skinning large animals. According to experts, the ergonomic design and batoning capabilities of the knife outperform various other knives of similar price. The material used in the construction of the knife is highly durable and robust that makes it a reliable weapon to carry out in the wild.

overall, Cold Steel Mini Tac Skinner Serrated Knife is a great fixed blade skinning knife that comes with all the check marks for a tactical skinning weapon. It’s reliable, comfortable and extremely efficient in its purpose.

2. Lone Wolf Skinner Hunting Knife

Lone Wolf Skinner Hunting Knife is more expensive than the other two knives listed here, however, the quality of the knife and its efficient design makes up for the extra cost. It is certainly one of the best-fixed blade skinning knife available in the market. The weapon comes with an extremely secure locking mechanism, delivering extra safety and protection against jamming. The blade is made edge point that’s ideal for skinning large furry animals like elks or bucks. The short 2.65’’ blade is precisely made to make perfect stroked in between the hide and muscles, while also making it a highly reliable tactical weapon for self-defense.

Overall, the Lone Wolf Skinner Hunting Knife delivers the complete value of its price and truly represent one of the best weapons loved and preferred by veteran hunters around the world.

3. Victorinox Skinning Curved Black

Victorinox has been one of the leading knife manufacturers in the world that is known for its unique designs and high-quality material. The Victorinox Skinning Curved Black is one of the best knives produced by the company and is ideally suited for skinning purposes.

The knife comes with an overall length of 6’’ with a razor-sharp stainless-steel blade. The blade material is highly reliable and able to hold on to its edges for a long time. The subtle curved design of the blade adds the value of weapon for skinning as well as tactical purposes. The design of the blade in made 100% ergonomic with a comfortable grip and solid base.

Overall, the Victorinox Skinning Curved Black is one great fixed blade skinning knife to own and if you are new to the field, it will certainly help you to unhide your hunt with ease and comfort.


0 Comments | Posted in Knives By admin

3 considerations for choosing the best fixed blade hunting knife!

Monday, May 14, 2018 3:47:52 AM America/Los_Angeles

We have been talking about various EDC knives and all related stuff about choosing the right EDC knife. So, today we will be discussing one of the most common and loved weaponries for hunters and outdoor explorers. Yes, we are talking about best-fixed blade hunting knives.

Now, you might wonder why I have added the prefix “fixed blade” before hunting knives. This is because fixed blade knives are the only category that suffices all the requisites of a great hunting knife. Thereby, we thought rather than wasting time discussing why fixed blade knives are better than folding knives, let’s just concentrate on what’s the facts are and see some characteristics of the best-fixed blade hunting knife.

Coming on to some important things, before we start to let it be very clear that here we are discussing best-hunting knives, stress is on “hunting knives”. A general duty fixed blade knife isn’t specifically a hunting knife, although a hunting knife can serve for bush crafting and other general purposes. No here we will talk about hunting knives only and how to choose the best knife when you hit the first hunt of your life.

So, without wasting any time let’s get started with some features that make the best-fixed blade hunting knife:

The Size:

As so often we do, the first consideration for choosing the right weapon is the size of the knife. Many people seem clueless about deciding the right size of the blade.

Ok, I know there are tons of exquisitely designed and mammoth sized blades available in the market and yes they do look cool and all that, but honestly, the best-fixed blade hunting knife isn’t huge. Sorry for disappointment fellows, but out of the Hollywood ideals, the reality is often different than depiction. For me, an 8’’ blade is the optimum length that will do the trick for you. In fact, if you asked a veteran hunter about his choice, he will tell you even small number than this. However, for young adventurers who haven’t skinned an animal before, an 8’’ blade like Karesuando Kniven Galten EX Hunting Knife Walnut will do the job.

Blade Type:

Apart from the size of the blade, the type of blade is yet another important consideration. Well, again the newbies can be spoilt by too many choices available in the market and well there is nothing bad in it. After all, with so many different types of blade spread across the market, you can be taken away by flash design or a wrong intuition.

Personally, I prefer the classic clip point as the best and most viable blade style. This is because during the skinning process, the smaller the tip angle of the blade, the better you get access to penetrate the skin. In fact, the blade type also determines how successful or hard will be the skinning process. As a newbie, you should aim to slice as neatly through the skin as possible and don’t slice through the intestine or gut. For this reason, the classic clip point is a perfect choice, which gives you maximum control for manipulation and versatility.

Blade Material:

Ok summing things up quickly, once you are done with the size and type of blade, now let’s get straight on the blade material. Just to simplify things here, there are two major categories of blades that made the best-fixed blade hunting knife. The first that made from highest quality steel with high HRC and the second more common steel that’s easy to sharpen. Both categories come with inherent strengths and weaknesses. While a premium grade steel blade goes a long way before losing its edges/sharpness, it’s really hard to sharpen it once it does get bland. Whereas for normal steel it might lose edge quickly but then it can be sharpened back easily without any fuss.

As a professional hunter, I can tell you how difficult it can be to sharp a high-grade steel blade that has lost its edges and believe me these things can be messy while you skin your hunt (especially animals with thick fur coat like elk or deer). Thereby, I prefer going with a stainless steel blade like MAM Light Hunting Knife that can be sharpened easily at all times.


0 Comments | Posted in Knives By admin

Considerations to choose the best skinning knife!

Saturday, May 12, 2018 4:01:31 AM America/Los_Angeles

header skinning knives

If you are looking for the right skinning knife, you might get staggered by the sheer volume of varieties available in the market. Perhaps, it would be better to say that the massive variety of skinning knives available in the market might be a little daunting for a newbie. You might get impressed by the style and appeal of one variety, however, it might prove to be completely useless for your specific purpose.

What’s the catch here?

As with all other types of knives, the catch here is to know your needs and requirements. Well, we will be getting back to it in detail later. Here let’s just keep things simple and understand that to be able to make the right choice, you got to understand your specific needs and balance it out with few other technicalities. For Starters let’s just say you need to consider the quality and build of the knife, in terms of technicalities.

Now let’s get started with some considerations for a skinning knife:

To say the least, among the various factors that influence your selection of the knife, the most important one is the edge retention. Skinning can be a tedious and arduous process and to be able to do it with ease you will need a razor-sharp blade that can retain its edge for a long time. This is especially true when you are looking to skin animals with thick fur coat like deer or elk. Skinning such animals can quickly deteriorate the knife’s edge, so make sure your selection of blade is competent enough to hold on to its edges. Going further down the line, you would also like to go with a blade that’s thin, like SOG Revolver 20 Fixed Blade.

Furthermore, another important factor to consider is the design of the knife. Even with the best quality blade and razor-sharp design, a knife can’t be termed as the best skinning knife if its design isn’t ergonomic. Again, this is important because skinning is a tedious and long process and an unintelligent design can make work even harder for you. Keep in view that there will be lots of blood involved in the process, which might make the entire process cumbersome with a bad design. So, just make sure the skinning knife you choose has an ergonomic design with a solid and comfortable grip.

Image result for what are the features of best skinning knife Victorinox Skinning Knife

Now let’s just see one of the best skinning knives you can find in the market:

Victorinox Skinning Knife:

Whether you are a professional butcher or just a home chef who really likes to cut fresh juicy meat for preparation, your best tool is an intelligently designed skinning knife.

Victorinox knife is one of the best skinning knives you’ll find in the market. It’s an upscale knife that is designed with the best materials and lasts longer than you may expect.

The knife comprises of an intelligently made ergonomic design that delivers a solid grip and comfort as you skin through the animal. The laser tested blade edges and durable material makes it a perfect skinning knife for all purposes.


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