A normal human being can live up to 3 weeks without any food; yet just 3 days without water and 3 hours outside of their normal body temperature. Knowing this, what to incorporate in your survival kit and securely pack in your backpack can truly make a huge difference when it comes to situations of life and death. To be prepared for the worst-case scenario, here’s a list of four things you shouldn’t forget to carry with you for your next hiking adventure.

1. Map and Compass
Mobile technology is generally worthless when you are in an isolated location. The latest mobile app you use on your phone is generally of no use. You also don’t want to depend on technology when there could be situations where the battery drains out or there could be areas without a phone signal. In times like those, it’s best to rely on old school things such as a physical map and a compass, to figure out the direction in which you’re headed.

2. A Multi-Purpose Tool
Instead of stuffing your bag with the first knife you spot in your kitchen, it’s time you got serious and bought yourself a multipurpose tool, such as the Chums Beartooth Survival Tool by Chicago Knife Works. Equipped with a stainless wilderness survival pocket knife, a screwdriver, a bottle opener, SAE, metric, oxygen, and spoke wrenches, it also comes with a Firestarting rod, hemp tinder, tin foil, (2) weights, (2) floats, (3) hooks, 3m line, sewing needle, and (3) safety pins. This compact kit is good for all your camping needs.

3. Headlamp
The forests are going to be dark with no to a little source of light. It’s best to equip yourself with a flashlight or, even better, a headlamp, so as to keep your hands free. Chicago Knife Works Offers 100s of Headlamps designs from a number of world's largest brands. You can easily find the one that suits you, here.

4. Extra Batteries
It would be horrifying to face a situation in which you’re walking around with utmost care in the forest and you hear a noise in the distance. The moment you try and point towards the same using your flashlight or the headlamp, the battery dies. Be prepared for such horror situations and keep extra batteries handy in your backpack.

No matter where you are and when you’re planning to go for an adventure, it’s crucial that you take the above-mentioned things along with you. And if you’re looking for a one-stop shop, there could be none better than Chicago Knife Works, which is an ultimate online store for the people looking for quality hunting and camping gears in competitive price. So, get it to touch with us for wilderness survival pocket knife or even sports or marine stuff, today!