Traditionally, folding blade knives aren’t considered as the best choice as a survival weapon. Well, this is primarily because of the joints or cleavage that makes them vulnerable to break and no one like to go for a survival expedition with a vulnerable weapon, right?

However, folding knives aren’t totally useless when it comes to outdoor adventures. They might not be the toughest of weapons you did like, still they offer plenty of functionality that makes them an intelligent choice to carry.

Perhaps, the best part about folding knives is the small size that makes them ideally suited to be carried anywhere in any environment. Folding knives are ideal EDC blades that give a notch added functionality and comfort cushion when out in the wild.

Now, the question is how to choose the best folding survival knife?

As we have said above, folding knives although might not be the first preference as a survival weapon, they offer an added safety cushion to your adventures. Below are some features that you should look, before you decide to buy a folding survival knife.

Compactness and Weight

The biggest strength of a folding blade knife lies in its size and weight. A folding knife is the ideal EDC tactical weapon you may carry at all times. It will be your go-to weapon to places where you may not like to carry your primary large fixed blade knife.

Apart from the compact size, the lightweight of a folding knife also gives it a tactical advantage of fixed blade knife. It might not be suited for batoning or slicing through any thick surface, however, it does offer you a tactical advantage at times when carrying a heavy weapon isn’t a choice.

Opening Mechanism

This is one thing that folding knives are famous for. Far from being seen as a survival or EDC weapon, folding knives have been a hotbed for knife enthusiasts who like to show their skills by rotating and spinning the knives.Image result for knife one hand opening mechanism

Now, coming to some serious aspects, the best folding survival knife should come with a robust and reliable opening mechanism. Perhaps, one hand opening mechanism like Fallkniven PCX Linerlock is a must for any folding knife to be termed as a tactical weapon. Fortunately, the industry has been able to pick up the importance of this mechanism fast enough and there are various patented one hand opening mechanisms that offer reliability and durability for folding blade knives.

locking mechanism

Image result for knife locking mechanism

well, the opening mechanism isn’t the only important thing to look at. The locking mechanism is equally essential for the tactical usefulness of a folding blade. Besides, you certainly don’t want an unreliable locking mechanism that actually hurt your hands at a time when you can afford an injury.


Quality Construction

Image result for quality folding knife

Quality construction is an important consideration when looking to choose the best folding survival knife. Quality is particularly more important for folding blades as they inherently come with a weakness (cleavage) as compared to fixed blades. Folding blades from the reputed brands like Gerber, SOG, or CRKT etc. come with high-quality construction material and processes which makes them hold their edges for a long time. Some quality features to look out in a folding blade knife include:

-    Screwed components (don’t go for a blade with glued components)

-    Razor-sharp blades that can easily be re-sharpen out in the wild

-    Easy opening mechanism

-    Reliable locking mechanism

-    Ergonomic design