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Chicago Cutlery

Chicago Cutlery was founded by Alfred Paulson in 1930. Initially, the business was focused on sharpening solutions to large meatpacking and other companies. However, soon the company launched its own range of American cutlery knives for American industries. The company only made its products public in 1969, after comprehensively served the meat and poultry industries for over two decades.

Chicago Cutlery knives was an exclusive American Enterprise, however, the company has grown to become one of the large corporations with a marketing and distribution operations spread worldwide. Chicago cutlery today has its global manufacturing units in many different parts of the worlds; including a large unit in China. The company is one of the few well-renowned names in knife manufacturing and distribution. Today, Chicago cutlery knives offer a diversified range of cutlery chef knives, paring knives, among other varieties. The company is often regarded as the economical knife manufacturer and an alternative to some other expensive brands.

The business offers four distinct categories of knives that are classified according to the handle materials. Chicago cutlery Chef Knives and paring knives are among some of the most famous products of the business, which comes in various styles. Among the handle material, the company offers three characteristic stainless steel knives along with three exclusively made walnut handled knife-lines.

Chicago Knife Works is a proud distributor of authentic Chicago cutlery knives, manufactured to cater needs of professional chefs and homemakers.
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