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TOPS Silent Hero Knife


$229.95 | 40% OFF

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TOPS Silent Hero Knife

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Shipping Weight: 1.00 LBS

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$229.95 | 40% OFF

Brand : TOPS


Designed by Anton du Plessis, Chief of Operations at Silent heroes Foundation, Silent Hero Knife is one of the most robust and tactically designed fixed blade knife for any survival adventure. The knife is made with 1095 high carbon steel blade that gives it the durability and versatility to withstand to any degree of hard use. The knife is tactically weighted at 12 oz., which mean you can use it for extended work without getting fatigued out. The top silent hero knife for sale at Chicago Knife Works comes with a lanyard hole in the handle that couples with another hole at the finger guard. This offer additional layer of safety to the user while offering a better handle grip that complements already solid grip. The finger guard hole in silent hero knife also offer utility to lash a spear at times of stress.The finger coil present in the blade enable user to execute work with precision. Silent hero knife’s drop point design makes it a perfect choice for slicing and strength. It is one of the most exclusively designed fixed blade knife for tactical and survival purposes. Tops silent hero knife for sale at Chicago knife works come with solid and durable black leather sheath, which gives knife a unique and bold look.

Additional Information

Weight 1.0000
Brand TOPS
Country of Manufacture
Item Number 2147483647
Lithium No
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price $229.95

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  1. Tops sensors reviews review by Deesypher on 4/20/2017

    I bought this knife from Chicago knife works, and when I received it I was very pleased with the craftsmanship and quality. That all changed when I used it for the very first time. I stabbed the knife in a two by four and pulled it out in one motion and guess what happened? the tip broke. Mind you that this was a construction grade made from pine. When I looked at the steel it had large pebbles, and wasn't fine like sand which one would think. I was thinking about too reprofile the knife myself, but decided to read about the warranty from tops knives, and man was I blown away with how they covered there own end instead of providing confidence in there own product to the consumer. Regardless I called it in and the lady that answered was great to work with, so I sent the knife in to them meanwhile was explaining to them that I can not understand why it had broke off in such a manner. Sure the tip of a knife is the most vulnerable section and the weakest link, but then I was told that the treatment didn't check out they would replace it. How they did there test one can only put there faith and expect whatever they say. I'll tell even if they tested the treatment it was only the surface and really can't determine the core of the steel. How is that possible when 1/4 of the tip snapped off instead of bending itself before that had happened. I have no more faith in this steel or there heat treatment, or there products for that matter. Surely the steel had a weak spot and tops can't argue with the fact this knife was done poorly. I was told that they have reprofiled it for me, and that it was on it's way back without even a call to disclose my argument which by the way I was promised that I would receive one. Thanks tops for taken care of the weakest part of the knife, but that still doesn't make it right in my eyes. Whatever happened to the customer is always right. I put my money down on USA made product, but some how feel like I've been taken. Another side note was that if I have anymore issues with the knife please let them know, so what if I conduct my own series of test and prove that the steel was indeed treated poorly that I would receive a new copy, or will that just mean that I abused the knife and im sol? You see they win and there's nothing one can do about it, so my full disclosure is that if one buys a tops knife is that they are pretty to look at and that the buyer should treat it as if it where a trophy, and not a tool that it is intended. they should have a nice sharp knife for the rest of there lives because really that's all that tops will ever do for you if god for bid that anything would ever happen to it.

  2. tough handy knife review by abrar on 3/5/2016

    the size is small but it works like a big knife in chopping and cutting its a all rounder multi purpose very useful blade with good quality that will last for years of use

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